Meet the Pastor and Leading Lady

The Pastor of Mount Calvary Baptist Church is the Rev. Vodricka L. Epps, and the Leading Lady is Tracy Epps.  Please click HERE to read the bio of the Pastor.


Mission Statement

WELCOME and thank you for visiting the Mount Calvary Baptist Church website. Here at MCBC our Mission is to empower the faith community by encouraging all to Know God, to Grow in Faith, and Go in Power. Simply put, we encourage all to Know, Grow, and Go. Our Vision is to be a growing community that actively models the life of Christ through Relationship, Reconciliation, and Restoration. We believe the worship experience should not begin and end on Sunday, but continue in our daily lives. The Calvary Experience is therefore, not all about the singing, preaching and the fellowship so much; but, about our decision to live lives pleasing to God. It is about our love for one another (1 John 4:7) and our patience with each other. We welcome you to experience the richness of God’s love and the new life that love can bring. Worship opportunities include 9:30 a.m. Intercessory Prayer, 10:00 a.m. Christian Education Hour and 11:00 a.m. The Calvary Experience every Sunday with Worship on Wednesday (WOW-Bible Study) taking place at 12:00 Noon & 6:00 p.m. every Wednesday. You may reach us at any time at (804) 452-1841. We look forward to worshipping with you!

History of Mount Calvary Baptist Church

Established: 1876

Mount Calvary Baptist Church has a long and proud history of lifting up the name of Jesus through songs of Zion for the past 140 years.  The members originally met in homes and around campfires for services, and walked miles to attend regular services.  Mount Calvary continues to be very instrumental in supporting the needs of our local community by donating to worthy causes and supporting local food banks, visiting the sick and shut in, and most importantly, bringing lost souls to Christ through the word of God.  While many great men and women have come through our doors, none other stands taller than the late great Dr. L.W. Jacobs, who served faithfully for over 46 years.

Then, the Lord sent the late Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Morrison, who had a great vision for change. Under Dr. Morrison's leadership at a particular time, Mount Calvary had 8 ministers in the pulpit, which was more than any other Church in Hopewell, VA.  Many of those minsters have now moved on with their own ministries or Churches.  Under Dr. Morrison's vision for change, the Fellowship Hall was built, and the main sanctuary was renovated and upgraded which included new windows, lights, and a sound system.  Additionally, the parking lot was paved and brought up to code with appropriate Handicapped parking spaces.  The late Pastor Morrison and his wife Brenda always greeted everyone with open arms, and often times used their personal time visiting and helping others outside of the Church.

After Dr. Morrison's death, Mount Calvary went through a brief period of not having a Pastor, until the Lord sent the Rev. Vodricka Epps and his wife (Leading Lady) Tracy Epps in early 2016. Like the late Dr. Morrison, Pastor Epps also has a vision for change. Since being selected as the new pastor, he has orchestrated the upgrading of the Children's education rooms, in which those rooms now have Smart TVs and tablets to enhance the Youth Sunday School Program.  The sound system in the sanctuary has also received a few enhancements, which includes 2 independent Choir speakers, new wiring, and a new sound board.  Lastly, a new and improved website has been launched, which will allow people to live-stream worship services if they are unable to physically attend.